Terms & Conditions

  • Interest is payable to the Company on any overdue account at 5% over Bank of England base rate from the due date of payment.
  • Any delivery time or date is an estimate only and the company will not be liable for any consequential loss arising as a result of late delivery.
  • The customer accepts full responsibility in laying down its specification for the unit that it will comply with all relevant regulations, including but not limited to Planning Permission, Building Regulations, Consents for Health and Safety Regulations and Fire Regulations, and will indemnify the Company against any costs, claims, demands or expenses arising as a result of their breach.
  • Any hire period shall commence on the date of delivery of the unit(s) to the customer and shall terminate when off hired by the customer.
  • The customer shall give at least 3 days notice of termination of hire.
  • The unit(s) will be at the risk of the customer during the hire period.
  • The customer will keep the unit(s) insured fully comprehensive at all times during the hire period against loss or damage by theft and other risk, usually covered by comprehensive insurance of the products of the type of the unit(s).  Such insurance to be the full replacement value of the hire product with a reputable U K based insurance company.
  • The customer shall give written notice to the company of any occurrence which will or may give rise to a claim being made on any insurance pursuant to condition 7. Such notice to be given within 24 hours of the occurrence being known to the customer.
  • The customer will at all times keep the unit(s) fixtures and fittings in good condition and will reimburse to the company the cost of any repairs or the making good any damaged caused thereto during the hire period howsoever the same may be caused.
  • The customer to notify the company immediately in the event of damage to the unit(s) e.g. leaks etc.
  • The company will not be deemed responsible for any damage caused to customers property whilst unit(s) are on hire to the customer for any reason whatsoever.
  • It is the hirers responsibility that vehicles entering their premises for delivery or collection have sufficient hard standing to enable them to complete their work without going on soft ground.  Any cost involved in the extraction of a vehicle from soft ground or an aborted delivery or collection because of unsuitable ground, will be charged to the hire.
  • If the customer shall fail to pay punctually any sum due to the company under a hiring contract, verbally or otherwise, or shall allow anything to be done whereby the company‚Äôs rights in the hire product may be prejudiced or jeopardised then the company may treat the hiring contact as being wrongfully repudiated by the customer and in such an event the customer hereby authorises the company forthwith to retake possession of the unit(s) and for that purpose to enter unto or upon any premises or site where it may be and take the unit(s) from any land or building.  (The customer being responsible for any damage thereby caused but without prejudiced to any other right of the company against the customer for the recovery of monies due).

Re: Health & Safety at Work Act

Safety procedures for Loading/Unloading Units

  • High visibility jacket and hard hat to be worn.
  • Driver to locate site supervisor or owner.
  • Site supervisor to identify specified unit(s) and check for cleanliness and insure that all signage, windows, window guards and doors are secure.
  • Driver to ensure vehicle is in suitable position to ensure crane unit can be manoeuvred to central point of cabin/container for loading/unloading.
  • Once in correct position lorry driver to ensure vehicle is stable and crane operator to ensure crane unit stabilising legs are extended.
  • Driver to attach chains in lifting points in cabin/container roof  by means of a ladder, (separate operation for each corner).
  • Driver must climb down from cabin/container/lorry to ground level during lifting of unit.