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Storage Containers For Sale

Are you looking for a reliable and sturdy storage solution for your premises?

Square Deal Storage is here to meet your needs. We specialise in providing high-quality, durable storage containers for sale, perfect for a wide range of applications – from industrial storage needs to personal use.

Our selection of containers, including the popular 20ft new one-trip containers, offers a versatile range of sizes and conditions to fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for a compact One-trip 20ft unit or a substantial 40ft container for extensive storage needs, we have you covered.

Types of Storage Available

At Square Deal Storage, we offer a diverse range of storage containers to suit various needs and preferences that differ from time to time. Our containers are designed to provide secure and reliable storage solutions right on your premises. Due to the nature of container purchasing, the size of containers available are subject to change, so take a look further down the page to see what is available.

Special Feature – New One-Trip Containers

We take pride in our 20ft New One-Trip Containers, renowned for their quality and reliability. These containers are an excellent choice for those looking for a ‘like new’ storage option.

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Quality Materials


Weather Resistant

Each container is crafted from high-grade materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. Additionally, they are all fitted with additional ventilation, enhancing their suitability for a range of storage purposes. While these containers are not climate-controlled, they are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, providing a safe and secure space for your items.

The Purchase Process

1. Address and Delivery Cost

After receiving your purchase, we’ll request your address. This information is vital for us to provide an accurate and transparent quote for delivery costs. We believe in maintaining clarity with our customers, ensuring there are no hidden charges or surprises.

2. Approval and Scheduling

Once you’re comfortable with the quote, we move forward to the approval stage. We schedule a delivery at a time that’s most convenient for you, considering any specific requirements or preferences you might have.

3. Delivery Process

Our delivery process is designed to be smooth and efficient. We employ trucks fitted with cranes to ensure that your container is delivered safely and positioned precisely where you need it. This method allows us to handle the container with utmost care, ensuring precision and avoiding any potential damage to your property.

4. Diverse Delivery Locations

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to various settings. Whether you’re located at a residential property, an industrial site, a pub, a farm, or a building site, our experienced team is skilled in delivering containers to a wide array of locations. This flexibility guarantees that no matter your area, you have access to our top-notch storage solutions.

We aim to make the purchase of your storage container as seamless and stress-free as possible. With Square Deal Storage, you can be assured of receiving a service that is as reliable and straightforward as our storage solutions.

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