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Container Hire Norwich

At Square Deal Storage, we offer a range of storage containers for hire in Norwich. Our container storage solutions emphasise our security, adaptability, and affordability to cater to the varied needs of our clients. Whether you’re decluttering your home, managing business inventory, or in need of temporary storage during renovations, our containers are ideally suited to your requirements.

Prices for the 10ft and 20ft containers:


Per month

Our facility near Norwich boasts a wide selection of container sizes, guaranteeing a suitable storage solution for every situation. Our range includes compact 10-foot containers ideal for personal belongings and larger 20-foot units tailored for commercial purposes, all designed to keep your items secure and neatly organised.

We recognise that storage needs can arise suddenly, which is why we are proud of our flexible hiring options. Our container hire is available for both short-term and long-term durations, providing you with the freedom to use our containers for as long as necessary without any inconvenience.

Container Hire Services Near Norwich

At Square Deal Storage, we aim to simplify the container hire process in the Norwich area. We’re committed to delivering a storage solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily life, offering maximum convenience with minimal disruption. Our straightforward process ensures that you get the space you need, exactly when you need it, with the assurance of secure storage.

Step 1: Inquiry and Selection

Initiate the process by contacting us to discuss your storage needs. You can complete a quick inquiry form on our website or give us a call. Our friendly team will review your requirements, provide guidance, and help you choose the right container size based on your needs and our expert recommendations.

Step 2: Information Confirmation

After selecting your container, we’ll need your address to arrange delivery to your preferred location. This step is crucial for providing a precise and transparent delivery cost estimate, ensuring no hidden fees. We handle all logistics to make sure your container is ready for use when you need it.

Step 3: Delivery Process

Our delivery is efficient and careful, utilising trucks equipped with cranes to safely place the container and minimise any potential damage to your property. Our service is versatile, catering to various settings such as residential areas, industrial sites, pubs, farms, or construction sites, ensuring you can access our premium storage solutions anywhere in Norwich.

Step 4: Access and Use

Enjoy unlimited access to your container. Our team is always available to provide support or answer any queries throughout your rental period. We strive to make the container hire process as smooth and stress-free as possible, from your initial inquiry to the final delivery.

Step 5: End or Extend Hire

As your rental period nears its end, we offer great flexibility to meet your changing storage needs. You can either conclude your hire agreement or extend it, ensuring our services continue to meet your requirements.

Secure, Flexible, & Cost-Effective Storage Solutions Starting from £60 per month

Opting for container hire at Square Deal Storage presents many advantages, particularly tailored to meet the varied storage needs of our customers in Norwich. Here’s why choosing us is a smart choice for your storage needs:


Our containers address a broad range of storage requirements, from personal belongings during a move to secure business inventory storage or storing equipment and machinery. This adaptability ensures a storage solution that perfectly matches your needs.


Your convenience is our top priority. Our container hire services are designed to offer instant storage solutions with minimal fuss. With a variety of sizes and options for both short and long-term rental, you can access the storage space you need anytime. Our efficient delivery and setup process means you can start using your container right away.

Space Optimisation

Hiring a container can help you declutter your space, manage during renovations, or expand your existing storage capacity. This choice liberates valuable space at your home or business, creating a more organised and efficient environment and aiding in the effective management of your possessions.


We provide competitive pricing to ensure you get outstanding value. Our container hire service is an economical alternative to costly warehouse or property rentals. With flexible rental terms, you can manage your expenses more effectively, paying only for the storage space and duration you require.

Why Choose Square Deal Storage for Your Container Hire Needs in Norwich?

We pride ourselves on our container hire service, which is characterised by unparalleled flexibility, accessibility, and value. Recognising the unique storage demands of each client, we offer exceptional flexibility with our rental terms. Whether you need short-term storage during a move or long-term solutions for your business, our range of container sizes ensures you only pay for the space and duration you actually need. Beyond practical benefits, we are committed to offering this premier service at competitive prices, making Square Deal Storage a cost-effective choice for anyone seeking reliable and secure storage solutions in Norwich. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, knowing that your storage needs are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Container Hire Services

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Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

What is the minimum hire period?

How do I extend my hire period?

Do I need to insure my stored items?

Personalise Your Storage Needs

Ready to bring convenient and secure storage directly to your doorstep? Contact Square Deal Storage today!

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, manage your business inventory, or need extra space for any purpose, our container hire service is just a call or email away. Get in touch now to receive your personalised delivery quote and experience the ease and efficiency of our container delivery service.

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